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Everyone makes mistakes and we’re all human, but you don’t have to lose your freedom in the process. Most Criminal Bail Bonds have UNCONDITIONAL BAIL OPTIONS and you can be relieved of many things by posting bail. Conveniently located across the street from the Anoka County Court House, we can tend to your needs immediately. (Same Parking Lot as Anoka Library) Let us be your only answer for all your Bail Bond needs.

Come experience the most haunted town in Minnesota, were in the historical Union Building. Are you tired of that one lazy bondsman that is always 5 minute’s away but really isn’t? Tired of being overcharged and the whole Bail Bond process stressing you out because the company you’re working with just wants your money but not take the time to explain the paperwork and what to expect? Worry no more you can leave with confidence knowing you have saved money, been educated on the bail process and never worry about being mislead. We’re the highest rated Bail Bond Company in the state of Minnesota our reviews speak for themselves.

Out with the old and in with the new! Stop using the Companies that use the punch-line of being around for X amount of years or one that has many many agents. Both of these lines mean nothing as it’s all about saving money and quick response time with little to no wait time.

The time is now to experience the best Bail service by the top professionals leading in the industry. Be treated as a person and not as a number, at Affordable Bail Bonds we don’t ignore small bonds and we don’t ignore your concerns or feelings. Stop being treated like dirt and using the sleazy greasy gold chain wearing smelly bondsman. So many people are use to the old companies but never try anything different or do their research on the companies their using. Give us a try and you will see there is actually good and professional companies out here. Call us Today!

“In jail? Get Bail!”

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A-Affordable Bail Bonds

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