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When you are arrested for a DUI/DWI your life is about to change for the next year, it is going to get every expensive with attorney's, court costs, monitoring machines, UAs, loss of job, etc. Make no doubt about it the courts want to hit your pocket book rather than put you in jail. 

Your first step is posting UNCONDITIONAL BAIL whether in custody at the jail or out of custody. Most counties will release you creating the illusion that it just costed you nothing to be released, what they didn't tell you is your on heavy conditions, your now stuck on a SCRAM/GPS Unit and these cost 200-450 a month, you will have to report to probation weekly, take UAs, etc. Don't fall for this!

Here at A-Affordable Bail Bonds we will help you through every step of the process and we will get you off conditions and save you money. Most DUI/DWI Bail Bonds are 1000-12,000 and it always makes sense to post Unconditional Bail as you do not have to pay for machine, you don't have to report to probation, you don't have to be embarrassed blowing into your machine at certain times, not limited on what you can do for day and best yet you don't feel like a prisoner to the courts. Best Bail Bondsmen in the business

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Drunk Driving Bail Bonds! Don't sit another minute

Call us today for your individual analysis and let us save you money. Paying up front the Bail Fee's is always the most cost effective. Don't give your money to the courts, monitoring services or state. Post your bail and use the savings for your legal defense.


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